Maya Neal, MS, LMFT

Online Therapy for Couples

Video Sessions in the Comfort of your Home 


“It takes two to tango” as the song goes. It's true about relationships too.  So if there's anything that's going well in your relationship right now, anything to be grateful for, you both deserve credit.  As for the challenges, I don't take sides!  I'll be gently encouraging both of you to take accountability.  Teaching couples to operate as a unified team is something I firmly believe in, since it's the path to relationship bliss, and that shouldn’t be missed!   Here's a list of some of the relationship challenges I can help you master.  


Pre-Marital Counseling 

Relationship Enrichment

Resolving Conflict

Trust Issues

Problem Solving as a Team

Positive Parenting

Daycare/Nanny Concerns


Adoption Adjustment  

Putting the “Spark” Back Into a Relationship

Intimacy Challenges 

Healing from an Affair/Infidelity


Navigating Open Marriage or Polyamory

Planful Separation 

Divorce and Re-Marriage

Issues with Inlaws

Blended Family Issues  

Mixed-Ethnicity Relationship Challenges  


What troubles the mind eventually troubles the body, and what troubles the body eventually troubles the mind. “Holism” is about that Mind-Body connection, and more. It’s about paying attention to how  your values and habits and even cultural factors influence your challenges as a couple.  It’s about learning to see yourself and your life as a whole, and becoming your best selves, so  you can co-create a wonderful relationship.  Here's a list of some of the individual issues we can work on in the context of your couple therapy sessions, or if necessary in individual sessions:    

Improving Self Esteem 

Dealing with Stress 

Freedom from Depression & Anxiety  

Overcoming Insomnia

Coping with Illness and Pain

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Time Management

Self Care 

Motivation & Self Discipline 

Achieving a Balanced Life

Setting Goals & Avoiding Procrastination

Optimizing Self Esteem 

Gaining Insight

Anger Management 

Working with Guilt

Letting Go of the Past

Work Satisfaction

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life